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5 things to ask about YOUR workplace

  • Does your workplace have a strategy for creating a mentally healthy workplace?

  • If someone in your workplace was having a mental health crisis, would you or your colleagues know how to help?

  • Your Duty of Care – is behaviour in your workplace a problem that could cost you millions of dollars in compensation?

  • How can you change workplace behaviours that are toxic and mentally harmful to workers?

  • How can your team become more resilient?


Many people experience stressful life events that can lead to feeling stuck, lacking clarity, direction or purpose in life.

Theses challenges can impact on many areas of our lives, including our work. It can result in lost morale and motivation, conflict with others and reduced productivity.

Workplace Mental Health problems can start  with stressful life events.   Presenting as absenteeism, presenteeism and can result in compensation claims.  Currently this is costing Australian businesses $11 Billion each year (Beyondblue PwC 2014)

What Is Workplace Behaviour Costing Your Business?

The good news is many of these problems start out as preventable problems.

That means prevention and early intervention programs can help prevent these from becoming more serious mental illnesses, such as Anxiety, Depression or Suicide.

PricewaterhouseCoopers found that for every $1 spent on prevention programs, the average return on investment was $2.30 – $5.30

Workplace Minds has effective  strategies for changing  workplace behaviours that are costing your business thousands of dollars every year. Strategic Workplace Coaching and Training increases awareness and changes behaviours.

We help you identify and reject unwanted behaviours and mindsets. Then implement more resourceful and appropriate behaviours into your workplace.

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How can Strategic Coaching help your workplace?

You may already know that a problem exists in your workplace, however need external expertise to manage and change it.  Strategic Coaching can:

Precisely identify what and where change needs to occur

Identify individuals and teams by using validated behavioural profiling tools

Enhance communication, work performance and overall satisfaction.

Support your workplace to become a positive and productive environment.

Create an awareness of knowing where you are currently at and to plan where you want to be!

Benefit all


Transforming Workplaces


 What our clients are saying about us

“…Workplace Minds approach to creating healthy people who work in mentally safe workplaces is effective and fun.  The changes implemented have increased morale and productivity”  Meg (Melbourne)

“…I would recommend Rae to people who are looking for more clarity and direction in their life and have some tough decisions that they may be putting off.  Thank you Rae for all your wonderful insights”  Tracy, (Melbourne)

“…Rae, you helped save a life today. Thanks for everything!”  Geoff (Brisbane)

“…EDISC is a great way to understand myself and others in my team.  Rae’s insight and approach to coaching and EDISC has been highly valuable.  I would recommend Rae to anyone who wants to improve how they communicate”  Sean (Melbourne)

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