Workplace Minds

If you find that you are faced with having to manage workplace behaviours and conflicts and find this leaves you with limited time to actually do your job well - you're not alone

We meet many managers that are just like you, great at what they do but feeling uncomfortable about their responsibility, due diligence and duty of care to prevent psychological injury in the teams they manage?

You may have noticed your business is facing increased workers compensation claims and increased insurance premiums due to undesired workplace behaviours?

It's OK.  You're not alone...

Workplace Minds works with you and your whole team to achieve a behaviourally healthy workplace.

We’ll help you to identify your business values and vision, and define your workplace needs

(solutions that are tailored to your needs).

Then we’ll deliver and facilitate the exact coaching or training you require to achieve a behaviourally safe and sustainable workplace.

A workplace that’s more productive and a lot safer to work in - for everyone!

Especially you.

Having a behaviourally healthy work environment can reduce the costs caused by absenteeism, presenteeism and lost productivity, to your business.

(It may even help reduce expensive compensation claims and those ever-increasing insurance premiums.) 

Workplace Minds is here to help you create a behaviourally healthy work environment that’s also a thriving workplace.

We’ll give you and your team the skills, tools and mindset needed to find smart solutions to the problems commonly faced in workplaces today.

Rae Brittain


Hi, I am Rae Brittain, Founding Director of Workplace Minds.

As a leader and mentor,  I am passionate about helping businesses, teams and people thrive. 

Over the years I've lead  teams and facilitated growth through mentoring, coaching and training.   I've come to learn that growing a successful and healthy business (and or team), requires investing in people, to develop workers and a workplace culture that will work for you.  

Research shows us that there are huge benefits for business and individuals when this approach is taken.

For example investing in prevention programs has been shown to have significant ROI.

Having access to these skills and tools can change lives and improve business.  Reducing harm and improving the health of business and the people who work in them.  


When your team is engaged and improving the way they lead themselves and others, trust grows, and psychological safety increases... increasing productivity and reducing risk and cost to business.

I work exclusively with Executive Leadership Teams, Business Owners, Workers and individuals who are serious about achieving results.

My extensive background includes: Years of experience as an Occupational Health Professional with qualifications in Health Science, Clinical Science, Occupational Health and Safety, Workplace Training and Assessment, Workplace Coaching & Facilitation and Human Behaviour.


If you're currently experiencing challenging workplace behavioural issues or want to up-skill your team, feel free to contact us for a conversation.  I only work with people and businesses I can genuinely help, let's see if we are a good fit and go from there.  

Kindest regards