Strategic Accountability Program

Keeping Your Plans on Track and

Reaching Your Strategic Goals With Your Team!

Create the actions and accountability required to successfully execute your strategy for building a Thriving Growth Culture. It’s designed to increase momentum and help you bring your team on board with the bigger picture - faster and more efficiently.

Many leaders will have a big picture or vision, with ideas and plans, and may choose to fast track the implementation process by utilising strategic support from Workplace Minds.

  • You will learn how to effectively communicate your vision, values and blueprint to your team.  Developing an implementation and accountability strategy within your team that is aligned with your vision and values. (We will help you to fine tune this in our first session)

  • Increase your team's clarity of defined goals and roles within their team.   Assisting individuals to better understand their role in the bigger picture and find value in being part of the solution for sustainable change.

  • All participants will learn the self-leadership and mindset skills required for the team to reach their required outcomes.

  • Participants will define professional developmental outline plans required for the team to reach their outcome.


How to effectively improve your communication skills especially when you’re under pressure.

Self-leadership and mindset skills required for achieving your outcomes

Why defining goals and roles required for implementing your plan will increase your success

Learn how to successfully negotiate with 4 most common styles of behaviour

How action and accountability can accelerate achieving your outcome



Business Owners, Leadership teams, Managers and their teams


4 Hours a week x 4 weeks

Tailored to your workplace needs - You may choose to further define your plan, actions, accountability or even delivery of training required, Workplace Minds can provide 1:1 support or further team Coaching. (Talk to us about your individual needs and we’ll discuss what options are open to you

Read more about our Process and Gold Standard).


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