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Our Approach

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STEP 1: Assessment and Strategic Planning

We assess your workplace current state in  the 5 Core Elements:

  • Pinnacle Leadership - Being a Level 6 Leader

  • Goals and Roles/Values and Vision

  • Communication

  • Relational Leadership with others

  • Safe Self Leadership

STEP 2: Taking Action

Using these 5 Core Elements to make a highly actionable tailored plan  over a 90 day period:

  • Prevent harm to people and business

  • Provide ongoing support where, when and how it’s required

  • Intervene when risk is identified

STEP 3: Review 

At the end of the 90 day period, we meet and review:

  • Your outcomes

  • Moving forward for the next 90 day period

We believe this process allows us to deliver what we call The Gold Standard.

We work with you and your team to achieve:

  • Better work strategies that are safe and in alignment with your organisation’s values

  • Identification of gaps and delivery of the training required

  • We work in collaboration and consultation with leadership, management, teams and workers to deliver commitment and buy in from all stakeholders

  • Address risk and appropriate management of risk. Monitor, review and development of tailored feedback tools


Allowing YOU to:

Get on with your core business

Reduce stress, presenteeism and absenteeism

Have a behaviourally healthy workplace

Be part of a happier and more productive team

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Leading Better Workplace Culture

2 Day Workshop

Takes your leaders through the crucial steps for creating and implementing a plan for creating a behaviourally safe workplace culture in their organisation or team.  

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Thriving Teams



2 Day Workshop

Participants will define a personal and professional blueprint for developing a Behaviourally Healthy Workplace Culture and develop skills to improve their role in this process.


Strategic Accountability

4 hours a week x 4 weeks

Keeping Your Plans on Track and Reaching Your Strategic Goals With Your Team.  Designed to create the actions and accountability required for implementing your workplace strategy for building a Thriving Growth Culture in your organisation.

"...After working with Rae from Workplace Minds, I noticed a big shift in my thinking.  From problems to possibilities effortlessly.  I became aware of patterns and subconscious strategies I had been running, that I now know were sabotaging my goals. 

We worked on developing some improved strategies that I was able to implement quickly (and have maintained 18 months later.)  This has enabled me to successfully complete my studies while working full time, successfully lead and retain an awesome team , find time with my family and feel confident (instead of worry) about what next..."

HR Manager

Workplace Minds Client