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Engage and Connect Your Team

Thriving Team Program

The Essential Program for Creating a Behaviourally Healthy Team



A behaviourally healthy workplace consists of workers who are collectively engaged in their work.

Workers need to develop a clear understanding of what is expected of them and know how to achieve their professional goals. Because the development of these skills is essential for achieving an optimal level 6 workplace culture.


This workshop increases your teams understanding of the collective vision and values of an organisation and how this relates to them in the workplace. As well as developing the essential skills required to create and sustain a behaviourally healthy workplace culture in both their own workplace, and within the team.

Proactive leadership of self and others can reduce risks and create a behaviourally safer, more productive working environment. Which ultimately impacts on bottom line.


Participants will define a personal and professional blueprint for developing a Behaviourally Healthy Workplace Culture and develop the skills to improve their role in this process.  

Your team will leave with valuable skills that can increase psychological safety for themselves and others in the workplace and are based on recommendations from Safe Work Australia.

  • Why these skills are so important to YOU, your workers and the organisation to solve for the 5 biggest challenges faced in the workplace today

  • How to improve communications in the workplace

  • R U (really) OK? Having effective conversations about how we feel and what to do when we are not ok!

  • How self leadership can assist you with healthy leadership of others How to create a growth mindset that’s good for all

  • Where your own behaviour is currently at and where you want your own workplace culture to be

  • Design a personal and professional blueprint and strategy for developing and sustaining a Behaviourally Healthy Workplace Culture.

  • A tangible plan for maintaining a Thriving Level 6 Workplace Culture



All workers, teams and managers who want to be part of a sustainable and behaviourally healthy workplace



2 Days


Note: Participants may choose to add "The Action and Accountability Workshop" or "6 Month Workplace Implementation Coaching Program" to accelerate their progress.

To register your interest contactus@workplaceminds.com.au or call 0414015841