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7 Steps to Reduce Risk to Workers Mental Health During COVID-19

Is your workplace equipped with the skills to manage risk to workplace mental health during COVID-19?

Without doubt,  the COVID-19 Pandemic has impacted on our society in many ways.  With growing uncertainty, many people report feeling anxious and stressed unlike ever before.


In a recent study conducted by Monash University more than one third of workers surveyed have experienced severe psychological distress during the COVID-19 lockdown. 


As we start to emerge from isolation and return to our new normal, businesses are finding themselves faced with new stresses and challenges that require new skills and solutions from their leaders and teams. 

Leading through crisis requires

Good Leadership,

Effective Communication

and Support.



I'm Rae

Founder of Workplace Minds

Experienced Occupational Health Professional, Coach and Facilitator

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Thank you for taking the time to find out more about how you can help your team get through COVID-19.  The fact that you are here, shows that you are committed to improving the health of your workplace, safer systems of work and the overall impact this has on business


Without doubt, you are aware of the stress in workplaces today. Workplace Minds is committed to improving mental health within the workplace - that includes individuals on a personal level, the impact it can have on families and teams, the toll it takes on us all, including our leaders.  Then of course the health of the business (I'm referring to the financial burden of $11Billion each year, in lost productivity, compensation claims and ever increasing insurance premiums.)

Prior to COVID-19, the term Psychological Safety was discussed in workplaces. Slowly we have started to educate our workplaces about hazardous behaviours and cultures that increase our risk of developing preventable mental health problems.

Post lockdown, would you agree that this risk has most likely increased?

We are here to help you reduce this risk and get through the COVID-19 Pandemic, and out the other side in hopefully even better state than before.

If you would like to chat, I'm here. 

Please book in a time that best suits you.

Kind regards

Rae Brittain


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