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The Behaviourally Healthy Workplace Culture

Program for Leaders and Managers


Each year, Australian business loses MORE THAN $11 Billion due to preventable problems within the workplace. (PWC 2014)

As bad as this looks, there is some good news.... because many of these problems are preventable!

But most leaders only have limited training in effectively managing and proactively preventing these problems. So, it’s difficult for them to reduce risk and create a behaviourally safe workplace. Which would reduce these costs for their organisation.

But when leaders are equipped with the right tools for building a behaviourally safe and healthy culture, productivity increases, staff engagement improves and absenteeism and presenteeism is significantly reduced — adding to a business’s profitability.


Leaders will leave with a blueprint for implementing their own plan to create a behaviourally safe workplace culture in their organisation or team.

 This workshop guides leaders through the crucial steps of creating and implementing a plan for creating a behaviourally safe workplace culture in their particular organisation or team.


The Practical Approach

The practical approach to this program will give participants the motivation and clarity required to create a sustainable organisational culture.

Proactive leadership can significantly reduce risks and create a behaviourally safer, more productive working environment.  Ultimately impacting positively on your bottom line.

  • Where your organisation or business is currently at and where you want your workplace culture to be
  • Why having a healthy workplace culture is more important than ever before
  • 3 reasons why your team may be struggling and what to do about it
  • 5 ways to prevent problems from snowballing in your workplace
  • A clear blueprint for building a thriving culture in your workplace
  • A validated proven tool to measure your team’s behaviour
  • A tangible plan for moving forward, embedding change and maintaining a thriving workplace culture




Business Owners, Leaders and Managers who want to create a sustainable and behaviourally healthy workplace environment.




2 Days


Note: Participants may choose "The Action and Accountability Workshop" or "6 Month Workplace Implementation Coaching Program" to accelerate their progress.


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