Retreats and Workshops

(Because life isn't all about hard work and no play)

In fact, travel has been found to have some significant benefits.  

Psychologists and Neuroscientists have examined this benefit – that travel abroad may have the potential to affect mental change – by increasing neuroplasticity.

As neural pathways are influenced by environments and habit – this means that they are sensitive to change by these factors.

We also know we all have different needs at different stages in our lives.  Thats why we have partnered with Retreats at Resorts.  To offer our clients quality and choice.

We offer a unique opportunity to combine your trip with a guided coaching package.  Designed for busy professionals who strive for the next level.

At Workplace Minds we know from experience the benefit of taking time out. 

To unwind and revive, reconnect to your self and higher purpose, and re-focus on what is most important to your personal and professional life.


“ After walking the Camino De Santiago in 2015 and 2016, I examined key areas in my professional and personal life. 

I had access to some awesome coaches, and found this support and accountability, really helped with achieving my 90 day plan and goals. 
The return from this intense experience was greatly facilitated by coaching.  Coaching enhanced my performance and overall wellbeing - significantly!  That is where coaching and connection can help you to stay on track and create successful sustainable change!".

Rae Brittain - Founding Director

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