Why Build a Behaviourally Healthy Workplace Culture?

Australians are now spending a larger portion of their life in the workplace.

And this means more demands are placed on everyone to try to achieve more, with much less.

Every day, businesses and workers are stretched to their limits as they are forced to come up with creative and sustainable solutions to complex problems.

One common complex problem faced regularly in Australian workplaces is the rising incidence and cost of toxic behaviour at work.

Many people don’t understand how to deal with problem effectively, so they ignore it and hope it will go away. But if left unchecked, this can lead to much bigger problems down the track.... And it could end up costing you big time.

Price Waterhouse Coopers found when workplace mental health related problems are ignored — they cost Australian

business over $10.9 Billion every year in productivity!

The best way to avoid this problem, is to have a behaviourally healthy workplace.

To achieve this, workers, managers and leaders need to know that they all have an important role to play.  They need a solid understanding of an employer's duty of care and they need to be equipped with the right skills to manage challenging behaviours and situations when they arise. 


These  useful skills can significantly reduce the health risk to workers and organisations.  And it also makes good business sense for creating a healthy workplace culture.

The good news is, these skills can be learned,

and most of these behaviour-based problems

can be prevented. 

Workplace Minds works with you and your whole team to achieve a

behaviourally healthy workplace.

We’ll help you to identify your business values and vision,

and define your workplace needs (solutions are tailored to your needs).

Then we’ll deliver and facilitate the exact coaching or training you require.

So, you’ll be able to quickly create a behaviourally safe and sustainable workplace.

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A workplace that’s more productive and a lot safer to work in - for everyone!  Especially you.

Having a behaviourally healthy work environment can reduce the costs caused by absenteeism, presenteeism and lost productivity, to your business.   (It may even help reduce expensive compensation claims and those ever-increasing insurance premiums.) 

Workplace Minds is here to help you create a behaviourally healthy work environment that’s also a thriving workplace.

We can share with you and your team the skills, tools and mindset needed to find smart solutions to the problems commonly faced in workplaces today.

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